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facemask creator|Picrew

make a cool facemask! contact creator at, especially if you can explain ...

mask make picrew........

finally made an mspaint picrew. make a fuuuuun facemask and spend literally 5 seconds on every othr aspect

[ID: mspaint-art picrew of a bald white person with scribbly blue eyes, arched eyebrows, and a lavender turtleneck on a black background. they are wearing a facemask with the queer chevrons on it, a pattern of thin white diagonal lines crossing over one another to form diamonds, a black :3 face over where the person's mouth would be, and "BLM" written on the left cheek of the mask in black. end ID]

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watched arrival (2016) for school today!! it made me feel lots of emotions...... a very good movie. made these for class bc the assignment said i could do an art thing and express myself however i want so fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhh

alien circles

the first circle represents curiosity, discovery, hello. (learning the alien language)

the second circle represents confusion, turbulence, fear. (the issues with the other nations, the language barriers, the confusion about why the aliens are here)

the third circle represents calm, understanding, peace. (once everything's worked out)

made with, but they don't have a "turn the background white" option so i inverted it at

[ID: 3 images showing circles made of a flowy black ink-like substance on a white backround, meant to resemble the alien language of arrival (2016).

the first circle is very wavy, not strictly circular. i didn't go over it with the tool enough times for a clear circle to emerge. there is a section spraying off to the upper left corner, a smaller section spraying out directly left, and a section spraying out to the bottom right corner. coming from the upper left and bottom right to the interior, two sprays seem to reach for each other. along the top, sprays border a smaller pocket of white space on the inner edge.

this circle represents curiosity, discovery, hello.

the second circle is clearly circular, and much more turbulent. the swirls are much darker - this time i overused the tool a bit. a large section sprays out towards the upper left corner, another large section sprays out towards the bottom right corner, and smaller sections spray towards the bottom left and upper right. the interior of the circle is busy and turbulent, with dark knots of ink connected by thin grey strands forming a rough second ring. particularly dark are the top and left sides, with three knots to the left and a large, dark spray looping down from the top.

this circle represents confusion, turbulence, fear.

the third circle is the most defined circle, and is very similar to the second, to the point that if you flip between them you can see sections of the second become the third. it is mostly a circle, with very few sprays compared to the previous circles. small sections spray from the upper left corner towards the top and left. a single strand sprays out towards the right, and another strand sprays towards the bottom right corner and then curls upwards. strands seep down from the bottom of the circle to the edge. in the interior, faint grey strands seep from the bottom right, and a flow of black strands arches around the bottom left. at the upper right, a section sprays inwards, and the upper left sends a few small tendrils towards it.

this circle represents calm, understanding, peace.

end ID]

my first voxel thing! its called geometry

miles hiller 2020

trans bag comission for my friend!

finished this shawl a few weeks ago! it is very warm

the pattern is called I Shawl Build My Fortress by Fran Carle

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ey since theres a bunch of new people i want to follow more blogs

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theatre of chairs

would you believe i found the room this way

pics of the space under the cut

Love in the Haunted Basement

first time working with ink! ink was not meant for vertical surfaces. it got very wet

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The Orange Angle

at 4:40 PM
the sun hits an orange angle
as i walk down the hill past trees aglow
and wish to stop to take a picture

soon the sun will set earlier
and the snow will fall and be set afire at 3:52
and i will see it lighting up the bathroom window
and run outside in an open coat to capture it

demogorgon - dungeon waves swelling

drew this at an oroboro show last night while they played demogorgon

when the light hits that orange angle around 5pm 👌

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I'm kind of sad that I'm abandoning tumblr, but this site has so much potential and I really want it to do well.

Anyways I'm Chancey, I used to have 3000 followers on tumblr (stupid flex but ok) so I made a blog dedicated to sharing smaller artists and fostering a creative, supportive community @introvertartstudent. I'll be doing that here as well! So as always, feel free to submit things or tag me in your art and I'll feature it on this blog. This includes music, photography, fiber work, writing, oc's,fanart, sculpture, traditional and digital art, ball jointed dolls,etc..

I don't do ince/st, r/ape, etc. If you need something tagged, please let me know I'll try my best. I know there isn't a black list feature yet but I can work around some things

Please share this if you're an artist so that I can follow you!

took this just after watching ghostbusters

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view out my window :)

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ive found the solution

here's a self-portrait i drew on the back of a card i made for my grandma


a card i drew for my grandma!

ok so you know how cards will sometimes have a lil picture of the artist on the back with the title of the work and the name and stuff? here's that

the joy of painting season 27 episode 6 ID under the cut:

MS Paint painting of the sun rising over a forest by the water and a farmhouse in browns and reds. the sun is much brighter than anything else in the painting. the sky is dark reddish-brown, the forest below is tan, darkening to brown around the small farmhouse with brown bushes dusted with light green around it. the water is dark brown and has tree reflections. in the foreground is another spit of land with green-dusted bushes, and grass, and white daises. two trees slash across the right side of the painting, leaves also dusted with green, and further-away trees on the right are also dusted with green.

end ID]

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the joy of painting season 1 episode 1 colors quite a bit further off from intended on this one

ID under the cut:

MS Paint painting of a pink forest with a green sky, a small blue pond at the bottom, and a path down the middle between the trees.

in the background, there are four tall pink trees, darker pink on the edges, with lime green highlights. left to right, there is a tall tree framing the painting, a shorter tree with orange highlights, the yellow-green sun, a taller tree, and another tall tree framing the painting.

in the midground, there are shorter bushes with orange and green leaves, and a dark brown path down the middle of the forest.

in the foreground there is a blue pond with two spits of land cutting into it left and right. the brown shoreline is dusted with green and orange. there is a small pink tree growing on the right side of the painting and reaching up two thirds of the painting.

end ID]

the joy of painting season 29 episode 1 [ID under the cut:

MS Paint painting of a forest lake, with a pink sunrise and distant shore, a island on the right, and a near shore on the left

in the background, there is a blue sky, a light pink sunrise, and distant light and dark blue mountains. there is a distant pine forest with an indistinct shore, reflecting in the water.

in the midground, there is an island with two pine trees on it, lit lighter green by the rising sun. there is light green foliage on the ground, and the shore is tan. the trees are indistinctly reflected in the water, which is darker blue where they cast a shadow.

in the foreground, there is a spit of land with two pine trees and some deciduous trees, and a brown path leading out of the forest. the deciduous tree is light green and off the edge of the painting. one pine tree stands tall and straight, while the other leans towards the water. both are lit lighter green. the path leads right past some light green bushes and brown branches and rocks, presumably down to the water.

end ID]